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How To Decrease Mobile Cart Abandonment

If you’re one of the 50% of people who now prefer mobile apps over desktop, tablet and mobile web to consume content, then odds are you’ve probably purchased something on mobile. You can safely bet the majority of your customers have also purchased something on mobile – hopefully from you.Nonetheless, every mobile purchase made produces […]

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9 Ways Businesses Can Use Text Messaging For Marketing

In this day and age where mobile is dominating the digital landscape as the preferred device for consumers measured by usage time, it is vital for businesses to use SMS text messaging to reach and connect with their ideal customers.I revealed why businesses who use text messaging today will thrive and not just survive in […]

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Why Your Business Needs To Go Mobile To Thrive Not Just Survive

Even if you’re not in the mobile space, own an app or have a cool idea for one, your business needs to go mobile right now in order to thrive not just survive.If your business doesn’t have a mobile presence where your customers are spending most of their time, then you’re at a disadvantage when […]

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How To Increase Consumer Adoption of Your Product or Service

What good is it to win a round in the fight for consumer attention in the shift in digital media consumption to mobile just to fall short in the next round in the fight for consumer adoption?This is a follow-up from one of the blogs I published about how your business can win in your […]

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How Much Will It Cost You To Gain Your Customer’s Attention On Facebook

Facebook is the #1 mobile app in the United States as of June 2017 measured by monthly active users and is used by 81% of all mobile app users. Facebook also has the highest amount of monthly users among all mobile apps at 147 million as reported by comScore Mobile Metrix.Do you think your audience is […]

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How Google and Facebook Are Dominating Mobile Consumer Attention – Until Now

​With consumers preferring mobile as a device for content consumption, developers have been flocking to the mobile app marketplace.More app options at our fingertips mean more frequent app downloads. Wrong! If we take a look at user downloading habits, the data tells us differently.A 3-month research conducted by comScore MobiLens on consumers age 13 or […]

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How Mobile Is Dominating The Digital Landscape

Over the recent years, there has been a clear shift in consumer consumption preference when it comes to devices.Mobile is now dominating the digital landscape in the United States measured by total usage time.According to a mobile app report published by comScore, consumer digital media usage in the United States is led by smartphone apps. Mobile […]

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How Your Business Can Win In Your Market Without Increasing Ad Spend

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock, you know we are in the middle of a digital revolution, more specifically – the digital mobile revolution.In this blog, I reveal how the shift in digital media consumption to mobile has led conglomerates such as Google and Facebook to build ecosystems in order to dominate mobile […]

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