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9 Ways Businesses Can Use Text Messaging For Marketing

In this day and age where mobile is dominating the digital landscape as the preferred device for consumers measured by usage time, it is vital for businesses to use SMS text messaging to reach and connect with their ideal customers.

But how exactly can businesses leverage text messages to create and foster meaningful relationships with their prospects and customers?

Here are 9 ways businesses can use SMS text messaging for marketing today:

  • 1
    Sell tickets for in-person events
  • Provide on-demand ticketing with a virtual ticket office
  • Sell overstock ticket inventory, and promote limited-time, limited-stock, and limited-seating offers
  • Offer up-sells for event-related add-ons such as valet parking, event merchandise,  exclusive and VIP packages, red carpet or backstage access

  • Push top of funnel offers such as fan meet up contests, giveaways, credit, voucher, or coupon offers redeemable at the venue, etc

  • Follow-up with your leads via 1:1 text messaging and sell even more tickets
  • 2
    Sell seats for virtual events
  • Leverage the digital platform to expand your reach and influence worldwide
  • Sell seats on-demand for your paid virtual webinars, online classes, conferences, or summits
  • Boost your registration conversions by 4x! Get the most out of your joint ventures and partnerships
  • Seamlessly qualify and pre-frame your prospects for high-ticket selling 
  • Follow-up with your leads via 1:1 text messaging and increase your chances of changing the selling environment to a phone call
  • 3
    Sell Livestream access tokens
  • Reach your audience beyond your limited event space and create new revenue with little-added effort 
  • Sell Livestream access tokens to virtual audiences worldwide for your in-person or online events
  • Monetize your audience with paid monthly or annual membership access to premium content
  • Notify and remind your subscribers and followers when you’re going live to build anticipation and excitement for your next Livestream

  • Build powerful relationships with your audience and connect with them at a personal level through 1:1 text messaging follow-ups

  • 4
    Sell software services and licenses
  • Automate sales of monthly and annual memberships to your SaaS and increase your MRR and ARR
  • Promote limited-time flash sales of lifetime licenses or discounted memberships 
  • Build hype and excitement for your new product with beta access and validate your MVP with your existing user base
  •  Launch your new product with early bird pricing and build a strong user foundation
  • Follow-up with your b2b leads for powerful account based marketing via 1:1 text messaging
  • 5
    Sell information products and memberships
  • Push relevant offers to your different avatars through segmentation and filtering
  • Send automated responses and reminders based on user behavior to encourage the desired action. 

  • Create urgency and scarcity with limited-time and early bird offers, holiday and flash sales, and new product releases.
  • Sell monthly or annual membership access to your online community
  • Strategically launch and promote your digital courses
  • Follow-up with your leads with 1:1 text messaging for high-ticket selling such as coaching or mentorship programs
  • 6
    Sell physical products
  • Send out targeted offers to segmented and filtered audiences based on purchasing behavior, interest preference, location, or any custom value
  • Personalize the cart experience with automated custom messaging per campaign
  • Recover abandoned carts with campaign-specific messaging via automated text messaging follow-ups
  • Pick-up lost sales and overcome customers objections using a personal 1:1 text messaging approach to turn conversations into new revenue.
  • 7
    Offer Redemption
  • Increase your revenue with top of funnel offers that incentives purchases at the time your prospect or customer redeems your credit, voucher or coupon offer
  • Customize your offer through segmentation and filtering to increase relevance and conversion rates
  • Leverage predictive analytics powered by machine learning to identify audiences that are more likely to claim and redeem your offer
  • Answer frequently asked questions and overcome objections via 1:1 text messaging
  • 8
    New Audience Reach
  • Reach new audiences on mobile where they are spending most of their time
  • Repurpose your phone number database and incorporate SMS text messaging into your overall marketing and advertising strategy to re-engage and win-back disengaged audiences
  • Create a new touch-point with your audience
  • Enjoy a 4x boost in deliverability, open, click-through and conversion rates
  • Increase your conversions by 5x when compared to using links in your mobile funnel vs purchases powered with a simple text
  • Boast 4x overall engagement when compared to email, phone calls, or social
  • 9
    Content Amplification
  • ​Amplify your content marketing efforts by sending push notifications to your segmented and filtered audiences whenever you publish new content in any of your digital properties
  • ​​Activate your audience, create momentum and traction, and build up excitement for new updates or product releases
  • ​​Nurture your audience, increase retention, and decrease churn by creating personal 1:1 mobile experiences

There you have it! These are the 9 ways businesses can use SMS text messaging for marketing today.

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