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ReplyBuy Is Now an Airship Company!

We are thrilled to announce that ReplyBuy is now part of Airship, the leading platform for orchestrating messages across SMS, push notifications, in-app notifications, email, web notifications and more. 

To address perhaps your biggest question right now:  no action is required for ReplyBuy customers to continue using our solutions. Airship will continue to offer ReplyBuy as a standalone solution — and will invest in supporting and enhancing what we can offer. Over time, ReplyBuy’s solutions will also be integrated into the Airship Customer Engagement Platform. 

For over a decade, Airship has been the driving force in helping the world’s largest and most disruptive brands create, manage and optimize customer engagement for the mobile era, working with leading brands such as Alaska Airlines, Chipotle, Finish Line, GameStop, The Home Depot, the Sacramento Kings and The Wall Street Journal. With ReplyBuy on board, Airship’s Customer Engagement Platform will add our solutions for mobile commerce and one-to-one conversations to its already-powerful features. Joining forces will also enable us to bring our solutions to a global market, and expand the industries we serve. 

ReplyBuy customers can choose to immediately begin to benefit from Airship’s comprehensive platform, global expertise and mobile-first strengths including: 

  • Mobile-first innovations: unrivaled marketing capabilities across mobile wallets, visual and programmatic testing & experimentation, and breakthrough simplicity to optimize customer journeys
  • Real-time automation: trigger SMS messages using specific behaviors or time-sensitive information in real-time
  • Cross-channel optimization and orchestration: reduce SMS costs by coordinating messages across mobile apps, websites and email, as well as improving the relevancy of messaging with dynamically populated content based on a user’s profile, behaviors or preferences. 
  • Real-time data: fuel precise, in-the-moment actions for each and every customer with predictive AI, bi-directional martech integrations and advanced analytics with real-time data streaming and user-level data across channels
  • A/B testing and experimentation: create the best possible user experience across all customer touchpoints with experimentation solutions with a visual UI.
  • Compliance and opt-out management: Airship helps brands navigate compliance and opt-out management with best practices, while also maintaining an opt-in and opt-out database that is segregated, encrypted, and maintained for data subject rights
  • Mobile & global expertise: the broadest bench of professionals across the globe with deep expertise across industries

With Airship’s strengths and our proven solutions for conversational commerce, companies of all sizes can drive greater revenue more quickly — and will have the option to benefit from managing and optimizing all customer interactions in a single platform. 

Questions? Get in touch anytime! We’re here to connect you to more information about our solutions or Airship’s platform, whether you’d like a personalized demo or expert insights for your customer engagement challenges. 

About the Author Brandon O'Halloran

Brandon was most recently the CEO at ReplyBuy. He is a strong sales and operations professional with a demonstrated history of exceptional performance leading customer-facing teams in B2B technology companies. Prior to ReplyBuy, he was in a senior enterprise sales role for Infogroup, a big data, analytics and marketing services provider.

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