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How Google and Facebook Are Dominating Mobile Consumer Attention – Until Now

​With consumers preferring mobile as a device for content consumption, developers have been flocking to the mobile app marketplace.

More app options at our fingertips mean more frequent app downloads. Wrong! If we take a look at user downloading habits, the data tells us differently.

A 3-month research conducted by comScore MobiLens on consumers age 13 or older, revealed that 51% of mobile users don’t download a single mobile app in a month. Furthermore, 24% of mobile users download 1 or 2 apps a month, and the remaining 25% download 3 or more apps a month. 

The reason your business is NOT being flooded with new monthly user app downloads might be correlated to a decrease in app discovery in the most common channels among smartphone users.

But could it also be that interest in new apps is quickly dwindling?

The Decline in Mobile App Discovery in a
Crowded Marketplace

We know that consumer preference of mobile as a platform is increasing. This means that some businesses are in fact gaining frequent app downloads and subsequently the consumer attention, and certainly converting some of that attention into revenue.  

If you’re reading this the odds are you’re not one of those businesses. But that’s OK because there's still a way your business can leverage this mobile app consumer attention without owning any apps.

Stay tuned for that. First, let’s look at the apps that are getting your ideal customers downloads and attention, and who’s turning all of that into revenue. 

Google and Facebook’s Dominance of Mobile
Consumer Attention

Here are the top 10 mobile apps by app audience market share:

Odds are most of you use at least 50% of the top 10 mobile apps measured by app audience. If you don’t already use half of them, or any of them (which I highly doubt it), then you at least know all of them.

What is important to note here is that Google owns 5 apps in the top 10 mobile apps by audience, and Facebook follows with 3 apps. The lone wolves Snapchat and Pandora round up the top 10 ranking.

This conglomerate ownership and social fragmentation of audiences presents small businesses with a challenge - in order to reach our ideal customers we have to advertise in the ecosystems of these conglomerates. 

And it all comes with a hefty price tag of course. I wrote about how much will it cost you to gain your customer's attention on Facebook in one of my blogs.

But don’t lose hope just yet…

Because there’s a new way you can predictably reach your ideal customers without Google and Facebook.

The secret to gaining your customers attention is revealed in my free ebook so make sure you grab a copy now.

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About the Author Josue Sanchez

Josue Sanchez is the CMO at ReplyBuy. When he’s not growing, he’s encouraging and empowering others to grow. You can often find him listening, studying, observing, and analyzing people to find out what they like and love, and how they think.

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