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Text Purchasing Appeals To More Than Just Millennials

If you have thought about using SMS text messaging in your business but haven’t because you’re not sure if it will appeal to your target audience, you’re not alone. In fact, that’s a fair concern to have. What you might not realize is that, regardless of your industry, there are several creative ways you can utilize SMS text messaging for your business, no matter your market demographic.

While it may sound like a great idea, you may wonder if your customers will actually respond positively and make purchases with a simple text message. Well, we have data that will help you answer this question and make an educated decision on whether or not SMS text messaging will benefit your business.

Meet Your Future Customer

Since the inception of our business, we have generated millions of dollars in new revenue for hundreds of businesses, and we’ve collected large amounts of data that provides valuable insight of consumers utilizing our platform. Along with the help of Facebook, we have looped in their data with ours and have produced a comprehensive analysis. 

Our current user database shows strong consumer adoption spanning across generations and genders. We see healthy consumer purchasing behavior, mobile user adoption, education, and engagement across a diverse audience. In fact, consumer adoption of mobile text messaging appeals to more than just millennials, and it remains strong across different age groups. Consumers aged 25-54 represent 72% of our mobile consumer adoption, while Baby Boomers represent 18%, and Gen Z accounts for 10%.

We predict that the consumer adoption across Generation Z will increase significantly during the next few years as mobile continues to dominate the digital landscape. In a couple decades, you’ll see Millennials reach the Baby Boomer age of 55+, and by then, they will be the most indoctrinated generation. This means that we’re not too far off from Grandma making purchases through text messages without her grandchildren’s assistance!

Here is some additional information on our audience:

  • Consumer adoption is also spread fairly evenly between both genders, with males having a small 6% edge over the females.  
  • With regards to income, our demographic is a little more skewed. As it turns out, over 80% of ReplyBuy users earn more than the median US household income. This really does not come as a surprise to us because our data also reveals an average order value of $111.49 USD, and we are seeing a consistent upward trend.
  • Users are well-educated. In fact, 87% of ReplyBuy users have a college education or post-secondary degree.
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    They are social! Our users are twice as active on social media than the average Facebook user.
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    The phone is their friend. We found that 91% of our users list their phone as a primary device to connect with brands.

Here you have it again in a cool infographic for all you visual learners like me:

Success Stories

We don’t want to just tell you our product works and trust that you’ll believe us. Instead, we will show you the proof. Here are some examples of real campaigns that were executed on our platform. The outstanding results speak for themselves:

These three businesses I've decided to feature are a fair representation of all businesses using our platform. We are very conversion-driven at ReplyBuy. This means that if you're not making money utilizing our platform, well, you're probably not using it.

If you're struggling with mobile cart abandonment, we've perfected an easy way your business can start increasing conversion rates by 5x more than text links. When you look at the conversion data across the multiple businesses utilizing our platform, it shows that there are strong yields for first-time buyers, repeat buyers, and new customer acquisition.

The Future Of Mobile

With the consistent rise of mobile popularity, mobile purchases will soon become highly adapted in the western world. Countries in the east, like China, are way ahead of us when it comes to mobile innovation, so it’s about time we start playing catch up. Like TechCrunch predicted 4 years ago, “America is finally discovering what Asia has known for years: mobile messaging is a commerce platform”.

In one of my previous blogs, I broke down 9 ways businesses can use text messaging for marketing, but its use cases do not end there. There are endless ways businesses can harness the power of mobile text messaging, whether it is building stronger relationships, selling products or services, or providing exceptional customer service. In fact, salespeople outperforming their peers are using social selling to close more deals.

Mobile technology appeals to a diverse population and resonates with consumers of every age. Businesses are searching high and low for ways to engage with their audience in an efficient and scalable way, and ReplyBuy is enabling hundreds of clients to do just that.

Want to learn more about ReplyBuy? Then let us start a more meaningful conversation.

About the Author Josue Sanchez

Josue Sanchez is the CMO at ReplyBuy. When he’s not growing, he’s encouraging and empowering others to grow. You can often find him listening, studying, observing, and analyzing people to find out what they like and love, and how they think.

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